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Yes, we do non-member weddings

Our church is happy to be a part of your upcoming wedding - even if you are not a current member of our church.  But we do more than simply rent our space.  Weddings for us are an extension of our Christian ministry.  As such, there are specific guidelines and steps to having a wedding here.

What are the basics?

Weddings here have various components.


  • Meet with the pastor for a minimum of three premarital counseling sessions

  • Request your wedding date for the calendar, and confirm with a deposit.  From here, your request will go to our Session, the board in charge of approving weddings.

  • Meet with an assigned wedding coordinator

  • Wedding rehearsal

  • Wedding day!

How do we start the process?

Call the church office and request a time to meet with the pastor for an initial conversation about your upcoming wedding.  During this first visit, the pastor will discuss requirements from the couple, the church's wedding policy, and give you an overview of fees.  The pastor will also collect basic contact information and details for your upcoming wedding.

What does it cost?

Wedding costs and fees vary based on the needs of a couple.  However, non-members can expect estimated fees from $650-800.  This includes:  3 sessions of premarital counseling with the pastor, meetings with the wedding coordinator, rehearsal wedding, sound system operator, and cleaning fees.

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