Meet the Pastor


Since you managed to get this far into our website, I assume it's because you are looking for a new church home.

Let me welcome you.

One of the first things to know about the Vinton Presbyterian Church is that it's a group of friendly, welcoming folks.  I love this church family and feel blessed to serve it in the Vinton community.

This is a great place to worship and feel at home.

Our church is a mix of traditional worship elements, with familiar hymns but also has contemporary and newer music included.  Worship is "typical Presbyterian" but comfortable in a come-as-you-are atmosphere.

Communion is served on the first Sunday of each month.

I have served here at the Presbyterian Church of Vinton since 2013, just over four years now.  Prior to serving here, I was the installed pastor at a congregation in Montana.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia College, and a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary.

I welcome you in the name of Christ Jesus to worship with us, visit and see if this could be your new church home.


Why does everyone think you play guitar?

Probably because I have two guitars in my office at the moment.  I took lessons over a decade ago, but didn't really retain any of it.  I may pick it up again some day.  

What's your favorite color?

Gray.  It can be *almost* any color, so that's why I like it best.  That, and I believe the older I get the more I see the world in shades of gray rather than black and white.

Favorite food?

Mmm.  Probably a tie between pizza and guacamole.  And I mean good pizza.  The kind that is salty, and crispy, and melty and gooey.  It must be getting near lunch time!

Whose your favorite Bible character?

I love Vashti.  Can you find her?  I'll give you a dollar if you can tell me what book she appears in.  I enjoy this story (which is a short mention) because it shows a person standing up for themselves.  She ends up being banished, but she's not killed.  Which is interesting.  Jewish tradition has a longer story of Vashti - she stands up to her husband, the king, and refuses to debase herself on his drunken request.  Saying "no" to the king doesn't usually end well in Scripture.  While she is exiled, she lives and I think that makes for good reading and pondering.  

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