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What to Expect

When visiting for the first time

Services are typically an hour in length.

When entering the sanctuary through the main doors, you will see greeters waiting to welcome you and shake your hand.  They may ask your name and whether it is your first time visiting.  


Ushers are present to hand out bulletins in the back of the sanctuary.  If you choose to sit up in the balcony, there is a basket of bulletins available for you to take your own.


Where you sit is up to you.  There is no assigned seating - though regulars do have a tendency to sit in the same spot each week!  Have no fear.  Sit where you feel most comfortable, and 


Here are some elements to expect in the service:


Greeting/passing of the peace.  This happens early in the service during the months that span from Easter to Advent (approximately April to November).  Some people say "good morning" or "hello" while others may say "peace be with you" or "peace of Christ to you".


Children's Conversation.  Typically after a first scripture reading, children are invited forward to participate in a conversation with the pastor.  Children/youth self-select how old is "too old" and how young is "too young" for the message.  This time is interactive and ends with prayer, a small treat, and dismissal either back to their pews or down to the nursery for those 6 and under who wish to go there.


Music.  We sing hymns at the beginning, middle, and close of worship.  There is other music as well; adult choir, children's choir, hand bells, and special music all happen throughout the year.


Offering.  This is a collection of funds that go to support the church.  There is no pressure or obligation for visitors to put funds into the plates that are passed.  However, if you want us to have contact information for you, there are yellow slips of paper that may be filled out and then placed in the offering tray.  Name, address, phone number, email - what you share and how much is up to you.


Communion.  We practice an open communion.  That means we welcome all who are baptized and who believe in Jesus to partake in the communion elements.  You do not need to be a member of our church.  Communion is served on the first Sunday of each month and at special times throughout the year.



Where We Are Located

We are located in the heart of Vinton, Iowa.  Across the street from the Post Office, a block from the public library, look for the big brick building with pillars in the front.


Handicap/elevator entrance is on the west side of the building on First Avenue.  A Parking Lot is located on the south side of the building.  There is also street parking available on both the north and west sides of the building.


See the google map below for a street view. 

Our Building Layout


Built in 1913, our building is a multi-level affair.

    Entering through the Main Doors up the outside stairs, you will enter into a Narthex (fancy church word for entryway outside a sanctuary).  Once you enter the doors, you may go up a few steps to the sanctuary level, or you may go down steps on either the left or right that will lead to the Fellowship Hall.  The main doors of the church are typically open only on Sunday mornings and during special services and occasions.

    Weekday visitors may enter in through the Elevator Door.  This is located on the West/1st Avenue side of the building.  This door is open weekdays during office hours, Sundays for all programming, and other times when the building is in use.  It is the most frequently used door.  

    Weekday guests take the elevator down to the Fellowship Hall, basement level.  Located here are the Church Office, Pastor's Office, Kitchen, Nursery, Parlor, and Restrooms.

    Entering through the North side of the building (6th Street entrance), you will have a choice to either walk downstairs (one flight) or upstairs (1/2 flight) to classrooms and music rooms.  Our adult choir, hand bell choir, senior high Sunday school, preschool Sunday school, and our Free Products Mission all have rooms on this level.  

    Going up another level from the North side entrance, you will find classroom, storage, and drama props.  This is the best place to find a shepherd's hook or maji's crown!  The sanctuary choir loft can be accessed from this level.



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