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Outreach Missions

There are a variety of outreach missions for both members and non-member friends to participate in and contribute to.  We seek to be Christ's hands and feet - serving others as beloved children of God.
Free Products Just For You

Free Products Just for You is a WIC supplement program assisting parents with young children.  The purpose of Free Products is to ease the financial burdens on low income parents by assisting them with household items that cannot be obtained through WIC vouchers or food stamps.  


These items often include: toilet paper, laundry soap, shampoo, body wash, baby wipes, paper towels, dish soap.  We also try to include a small personal item.  Parents are eligible once every three months to obtain supplies.


Direct donation of items as well as financial donations are accepted.

Hymns @ Rondavoo

We sing at the Rondavoo in Vinton several times per year - approximately every 6 weeks.  See the church calendar or Facebook page for more information.
Senior Groceries

Senior Groceries is an outreach program targeting low-income seniors over 70 years old and veterans.


This is a once-a-month grocery program that provides bags of groceries to 40 households per month.  Each month, bags of shelf-stable items along with fresh breads and pastries and occasionally meats are distributed.  Bags may also include supplemental items like juice, snack items, soaps, lotions, deoderant and other personal care items.


Volunteers are needed to pick up bulk food orders, bag groceries, and do bookwork pertaining to volunteer and participant statistics.

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